Los Angeles-based pop artist, Kersty Ryan, broke into the industry in 2020 with her energetic debut single “Anybody Else”. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, the singer-songwriter was driven towards a career in music very early in life. Ryan began writing songs at age 10, and began performing in local acts with a guitar in hand and eyes set towards bigger ventures for her songs. Growing up listening to female vocal powerhouses like Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson, Ryan takes control of the stage with a gritty tone and a wide range, showing her roots in R&B and Pop from the beginning.  

Since then, Ryan has been compared to the likes of Julia Michaels and Hayley Williams, having released numerous singles along with her debut EP "SAD GRL" in 2021. She continues to write her own songs as well as write for other artists, and does it all with her long-time producer, Landon Tyler. The singer has now been covered by a number of publications such as Buzz-Music LA, WFNM, The Hidden Hits, and more. She has been a featured artist in multiple dance tracks, having songs released with viral EDM producer Deep Chills (ATLAST Records), Le Boeuf (Warner Bros Denmark), and Arlow (Proximity).  

After coming into 2021 guns blazing, Kersty Ryan is looking into 2022 with new music, shows and content; her next project is already in the works.